Sly Rodriguez and the 21st Federation:by Bentopeii

Hello. I am Sly Rodriguez/Bentopeii (pseudonyms, people). I love music, the Arts and being a Little Monster. I dream to become an artist, writer or just somebody someday. That's basically it. My most beloved bands/musicians would be Tegan and Sara and Paramore. I have a list for the rest. What you are about to hear from me is not my movement, but of the 21st Federation's. It is not a cult movement, it's simply a movement moved by ideas and feelings.

This appears in my head when i’m angry.


This appears in my head when i’m angry.


this whole exchange was golden

Flaca don’t like Yaoi.

(cries inside)

Maybe Bara would do. ;)

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Never in my wildest dreams could I’ve dreamt up this scene.

Blondie photographed by Virginia Turbett, 1980

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why does larry look like a little boy who wants his mom to buy him ice cream though


please mommy

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Get to know me - [1/10] People I admire → Stevie Nicks

"My Mom would always say to me, ‘You better be the president of your company, or the lead singer of your band, or the boss, because you don’t like to be told what to do.”

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