Sly Rodriguez and the 21st Federation:by Bentopeii

Hello. I am Sly Rodriguez/Bentopeii (pseudonyms, people). I love music, the Arts and being a Little Monster. I dream to become an artist, writer or just somebody someday. That's basically it. My most beloved bands/musicians would be Tegan and Sara and Paramore. I have a list for the rest. What you are about to hear from me is not my movement, but of the 21st Federation's. It is not a cult movement, it's simply a movement moved by ideas and feelings.


That’s it. That’s the show.

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X-Files - CNN Interview

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"I love Gillian, and I’d love to work with her — but it’d have to be something… that I can’t think of…"

On acting with Gillian Anderson in a non-X-Files project, SDCC, July 2013


Joan Crawford at home by Eve Arnold, 1959


#regina is me and emma is the show…



Gai got a Coke today and…

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In memoriam to two great friends of the band & I.

First would be Bob Welch, lead guitar, writer & vocalist for Fleetwood Mac during “Future Games” - “Heroes Are Hard To Find”. Also, a major solo artist with the hit song “Sentimental Lady” in which Lindsey & I worked together on (Stevie & Lindsey also did background vocals.) An integral part of Fleetwood Mac, I had much respect for the man & we became close friends. Often going to the same social events, I had but to follow my nose, smell for the cigar scent, then go right to Bob. Bob liked his cigars & was seldom seen without one. He was so much a foundational member of FM, but was often overshadowed by the commercial success of post Buckingham-Nicks FM. Bob passed in June 2012 & I miss him dearly. This picture catches Bob fascinated with what seems to be a party popper in one hand, while holding his traditional cigar in the other.

Second would be Judy Wong, a friend of the band since the beginning of FM time. Ending up as the band’s secretary, organizer, social planner, & all around sage & great friend. Always around like a butterfly on Starbucks, her nervous energy would quite often lead to wonderful calamity & organized chaos. She was a fixture around the band & also a person I became extremely close to. I miss her dearly & wish she could be here to see Christine rejoining the band. This image captures Judy popping out of my “love van” (named by Gary Busey) during the “Hold Me” video shoot, probably looking for Chris.

It is with a tear in my eye, I dedicate this post to my two great friends whose presence I surely miss & passing I truly regret.



Piper and Alex posters

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Dammit Vigers, dammit!

I feel sad for Ms. Prior. I shall conduct a seance.

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3.17 | the jolly roger


3.17 | the jolly roger

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